Kentucky law protects workers from harassment and discrimination

| Mar 31, 2020 | Employment Law

It is the unfortunate fact that not every employment experience is a pleasant one. Sometimes we simply aren’t particularly well-suited for a specific job, and we decide to pursue a better one. However, sometimes work environments are made hostile due to harassment or discrimination, causing workers to quit their jobs or be fired.

Fortunately, the Commonwealth of Kentucky provides residents with many rights in the area of employment. In Kentucky, workers have the right to:

  • Be free from discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • Have equal opportunities in the areas of hiring, being promoted, being reported, being laid off, pay rates and training opportunities
  • File a complaint if they believe that their employer has committed an act of discrimination
  • Be free from employment discrimination

Unfortunately, sometimes employers violate these rights. When this happens, workers in Kentucky can file a complaint with the Office of Diversity, Equality and Training (ODET). ODET develops procedures and performs investigations to address complaints of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. It is illegal for employers to retaliate or reprimand a worker for filing a complaint or participating in an investigation.

Filing a complaint of discrimination or harassment against your employer can be daunting, but it is a right afforded to residents of Kentucky. No one should have to fear losing their job just for standing up for what’s right, and no one should have to work in a hostile work environment. Those who believe they or a work colleague have been the victim of workplace harassment or discrimination will want to take the steps they feel are necessary to address the situation.