Will you still get your last paycheck if you quit or are fired?

| Mar 21, 2020 | Employment Law

Quitting your job is not something most Kentuckians take lightly and being let go from your job can sometimes be an unexpected event that turns your life upside down. In either case, it is likely that, without work, ensuring you are paid all you are owed from your former job is of the utmost importance.

Kentucky law addresses this situation, so it is something workers should be aware of. In Kentucky, if a worker resigns or is fired, he or she will be paid in full all wages he or she earned prior to leaving his or her job. This payment must be made either by the next normal pay period following the date he or she was dismissed or left the job or 14 days following the date he or she was dismissed or left the job, whichever date is the latest.

If a worker is absent on the date assigned for payment by his or her employer or if such payments are not made on time, the worker can demand payment, and the employer has 14 days from that demand to pay the worker what he or she is owed. There are no types of employers that are exempt from this law.

It may come as a relief to workers that if they lose their job or resign from their job, they are legally guaranteed to be paid what they earned prior to leaving their employer. This post is for educational purposes only, and it does not contain legal advice. Those who want more information on this topic will want to seek the assistance of a professional familiar with Kentucky wage and hour laws.