Appealing an unemployment claim denial

| Jun 30, 2020 | Firm News

Amidst the current health and economic crisis, unemployment insurance claim rates in every state across the country have reached unprecedented levels.  In conjunction, unemployment claim denials have also reached disturbing levels.  Regardless of the reason, filing an appeal  can be an arduous, confusing process without proper guidance.

When an unemployment claim is filed, an employer, or previous employer, will be notified to provide proof that you have either been laid off, or are otherwise unemployed through no direct fault of your own.  In some situations, employers and employees will have different views on these reasons, resulting in a claim being denied.  For example, if an employee believes he or she was improperly terminated, but the employer believes the termination was handed down with valid reason, a dispute arises.

State unemployment offices cannot approve claims without enough reason to believe you are entitled to the benefits.  To determine these reasons, agents may send letters, emails, forms, or even interview your employer personally regarding your situation.  Currently, restrictions for the programs have been loosened due to shutdowns and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.  Many claims have been cut-off or denied because employers are reporting that employees are refusing to work.

Regardless of the reason, if your unemployment claim has been denied, an unemployment insurance attorney can assist you in filing an appeal.  Taking advantage of their expert guidance, your claim will likely have a better chance of getting approved.  Appeals can even reach a level of requesting a hearing and calling in witnesses if needed.  Consult with an attorney who can assist you in preparing for the hearing, and take full advantage of the opportunity to state your case.