Overtime and wage and hour problems in Kentucky

| Jul 31, 2020 | Employment Law

The wages that a person earns at their job make up the pay that they receive for their work. Many Kentucky residents rely on their pay to keep rooves over their heads and food on their tables. Without fair wages for work performed, most people would not be able to survive.

In Kentucky, workers are guaranteed a minimum wage of $7.25. That wage can increase when the federal government chooses to increase the national minimum wage standard. When a person works more than 40 hours per week they have the right to receive overtime pay for their overage hours, and when they work 7 days in a single week, they can get overtime for their seventh day on the job.

Overtime is a point of contention for some employers who do not want to pay their workers more than the minimum wage or the wages that their workers are guaranteed through their contracts. When an employer fails to pay rightfully earned overtime, a worker may have legal rights to seek their due compensation.

An overtime dispute may fall under the legal area of wage and hour law. Not all workers qualify for overtime, and before an individual files a claim for unpaid compensation they should seek the counsel of an employment law attorney to determine what rights they have with regard to their situation.

Working for pay is a cornerstone to building the life that a Paramus resident wants to enjoy. It is the basis for providing for one’s family and finding security in one’s existence. Threats by employers to wage and hour protections can impact workers’ abilities to be fairly compensated and receive the pay that they are due.